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Amelia x Dutch's Litter

Date of birth:  7/11/20


Expected Go

Home Date  9/4/20

Fully Reserved

Luna x Bo's Litter

Due Date: 10/1/20


Expected Go

Home Date  11/26/20

Fully Reserved

Ingrid x Dutch's Litter

Due Date: 10/5/20


Expected Go

Home Date  11/28/20

Fully Reserved

Monica x Daniel's Litter

Due Date: 10/27/20


Expected Go

Home Date  12/22/20

Fully Reserved

Upcoming Litters

Winter 2020

Hannah x Dutch's Litter

To Be Bred Winter 2020

Hannah & Dutch Puppies From The Past! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

❤️ Upcoming Planned Litters

Fall/winter 2020 ❤️


Maggie x Dutch

Dakota x ?

Ivy x Dutch

Henrietta x ?

Arrietta x ?

Annabelle x ?

Cassie x ?

Millie x ?

Honey x Duke

Hannah x Dutch

Sadie x Daniel

Please note there is a bit of a shortage of puppies this summer due to COVID19.  Many breeders across the US did not have access to reproductive vet care when COVID19 first surfaced.  Reproductive vets are now starting to open back up.  At this time I feel there are more than the usual amount of families looking for a summer puppy to adopt.   With that being said there are less available.   Several breeders across the nation quit breeding for a while... either due to the economic uncertainties or the lack of vet care at the beginning of the Coronavirus. 

As of 6/28/20 we are no longer taking reservations at this time.  We bred 4 girls this spring and only one of them got pregnant.  We just had another two girls have heat cycles but they failed to ovulated.  Thankfully the reproductive vets are opening back up.  We are hoping for a better summer and fall.  But for now we feel it's best for us to not take any further reservations.  Please check back around Christmas time.  

We are hoping we will have a wonderful year end update.  

If you find a breeder that resonates with your core values and that you feel you can develop a relationship with them over the next 10-15 years I recommend that you complete their puppy application and work with them to get on their reservations list.   And please be kind and patient.  All breeders are being impacted by the Coronavirus & Mother Nature.  Mother Nature can dictate the genders of each baby within the litter, whether or not a girl gets pregnant, if the girl carries to full term, if we have healthy puppies that make it to 8 weeks.  There are lots of variables that come into play but Mother Nature is definitly one of them.  

Once you find YOUR breeder my best advise is to embrace the entire process and know that you are most likely going to have to wait a little bit.  I know of no breeders in the US at this time that have puppies available.  And at this time puppies are not allowed to travel from aboard.  So, we are all in this together.... while we all hurry up and wait.  I promise though... it will be worth the wait.  


 Wishing you the best in your search for your new puppy addition!

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We reserve the right to retain puppies from each litter as

needed for breeding prospects

Health, Conformation & Temperament

Bred with intent

Raised with love and affection

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