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Welcome To Moonlit Acres


This is our
Front yard
We do lots of our adult dog photos in this garden during this summer when it is in full bloom

We have 5 acres of beautifully landscaped garden areas.

There are nature trails and green spaces for the puppies to explore


This is our main whelping room.

Each litter of puppies and their mama has their own designated room. 

We have two rooms setup like this.  This area is used for puppies that are 3 - 8 weeks of age. The whelping box can be removed and the doggie door can be opened so that the puppies have a private play yard that allows for easy potty training.


This is one of our day time puppy areas that the puppies have access to.  During the day the puppies are either outside or running around this puppy room with potty stations throughout the room so that they can potty train.  This is also the room that the puppies begin their kennel training for an hour a day from 4-8 weeks of age.

The puppies have 4 different play areas similar to this area with covering to protect from the rain and the heat.  All puppy areas are covered with astro turf to help keep our babies healthy. 


Our maternity ward.
In this photo you will see my husband watching TV with 3 of our visiting girls.  This would be any typical evening around Moonlit Acres.  When our girls are visiting they infuse into our family.

Next step is bed.  Bedtime can get kind of crowded
depending on how many girls we have visiting at the time.

Here is our current crew:

Brandy, one of Ruby's other daughter who is here because her family is out of town at this time.

Ruby - our resident princess

Maid Marian - Ruby's daughter who is due tomorrow.

Miley Cyrus - Is here visiting from Arizona... she is pregnant and due in about 2 weeks.  Her family moved to Arizona so, when she came into season they brought her to us and she will be staying here until her babies are born and 7 weeks old.  Once her babies are old enough she will head back to Arizona.  Our guardians do not usually live that far away.  But her family had a job transfer and we have worked together to keep Miley with her family.  


Sampson is our retired 14 year old Golden Retriever.  My dad had a stroke last year and moved in with us. We gave dad the master bedroom on the main floor.  Sampson keeps an eye on my dad now and sleeps on his dog bed in dad's room. 

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