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Angel in Training

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Angel is a sweet puppy from our Harley litter, who is starting puppy boot camp. She is being trained by the grandkids for the next few weeks for an amazing Veteran. Her daily training includes potty training every 30 minutes with her potty bells, learning 'sit', 'here', and sleeping through the night in her kennel. We are also working on socializing, starting with going to 4H club this evening and being loved on by 20 kids and moms.

Day 1 zero accidents, sitting well with treat guidance angling. Potting with bells every 30 minutes and 15 minutes after eating. Learning which things are toys to chew on and not the big dog's tail.

Angel Has been learning so much. She has been mastering the potty bells, "sit" and "here", then walking on leash. She has her second round of shots done. She has been working on her 100 people. She has visited the Library, gone to Wilco, Albertson, Lowes.

Angel has started working on her leash walking skills. Emma has been watching Shannon's puppy classes for 6 years and graduated her dog last October.

Angel watched fireworks on the Fourth of July and was positive reinforced for confident behavior with the sounds and never babied. She sat and watched fireworks with the kids then fell asleep through them. She is learning to stand on the grooming table nicely after baths for blowdrying and trimmings. And this week she will start working on her down command. She has gone to youth group, she loved all the attention!!

Angel has been working on the "down" command and holding it for 15 minutes a day then only gets up for the word "break".. Angel is a bit naughty when it comes to the water bowl... she wants to go for a swim, hence the towels in the background. We have switched to a no drip bowl to help curb it and watch her. Still very much a puppy but working on big girl things!

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