Does your pup have a tough time slowing down his eating habits during mealtime? Then try serving his food in Hyper Pet’s SloDog Slow-Feed Pet Bowl! Specially designed to help your sidekick eat slower, this bowl allows you to disperse his food over a large area, in multiple pockets, preventing him from gulping large quantities at once. Not only can rapid eating lead to indigestion, but it can also cause bloating and potentially dangerous health issues. So, choose your furry friend’s favorite color and watch him eat slower as he still enjoys his favorite food!

Hyper Pet SloDog Slow Feeder Pet Bowl

    • The small pockets encourage your furry friend to focus on one small area and mouthful at a time, reducing gulping behavior.
    • Keeps your dog’s food in full view with no physical barrier, so it doesn’t create anxiety or frustration.
    • Can also be used with healthy snacks and treats.
    • Easy to clean—hand-wash with soap and water.
    • Available in two colors so you can find the one that best suits your sidekick’s paw-sonality.

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