Lilly Brush Mini Pet Hair Detailer


If your dad is getting you a puppy you NEED to get this for dad for Father's Day!  This will make cleaning the dog hair out of his truck so simple that he won't mind taking the dog for a ride!  This simple little tool makes cleaning your car/truck super simple!!


Gentle on fabrics but tough on fur, The Mini Pet Hair Detailer removes trapped or embedded pet hair from car interiors and home upholstery. Easy to hold, safe for any surface, and shaped to fit the curves and crevices of your couch or car, this will be your new favorite weapon for fighting fur.



  • SAFE FOR WOOD, CHROME OR PLASTIC IN CAR INTERIORS- Clean carpeting, upholstery and roof-liner without fear of scratching delicate plastic, wood or chrome nearby.
  • REMOVES ALL PET HAIR- Even the most stubbornly trapped fur from Golden Retrievers!!!
  • USE WITH VACUUM TO RESTORE HOME FABRICS AND CAR CARPETS TO LIKE NEW CONDITION: Clean every inch by using the Mini's sturdy detailing tips and shaped edges for corners, curves and large surface areas.

Pet Hair Detailer - My husbands FAVORITE thing that we carry!! ❤️


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