Potty Bells are the best!  They are one of the best potty training tools we've ever used!  We have 11 different colors to choose from!  We have one on each exterior door!  The puppies are used to hearing them on a daily basis.  We have one hanging on the puppy door.  Every time we take the puppies out we have one of the puppies touch the bells... and we say let's go potty!  And off they go...  Potty training is super easy with Potty Bells!  You can NOT hear a dog staring at a door.  You CAN hear the potty bells 

Poochie Bells Potty Bells

  • Potty bells are an awesome tool for potty training!  Potty bells will speed up potty training.  The potty bells come in a variety of colors.  Just let us know what color you ware intersted in.

    Color Patterns:

    • Love
    • Be You
    • Namaste
    • Sea Creatures
    • Sea Shells
    • Infinity
    • Waves
    • Joyful
    • All You Need Is Love & A Dog
    • Woof
    • Home Is Where The Dog Is

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