This is one of the babies favorite toys as they can play tug of war with it. 



Send your four-legged friend on an ocean adventure when you give her a Tender Tuff Aquatic dog toy from Smart Pet Love. Made to be easy to carry and tug, this octopus brings the undersea world into your living room. You'll even find a puncture-proof squeaker lurking inside the belly of the beast—so, even if the crowd get a little rowdy, this squeaker won't quit. Plus, its unique shape is paw-fect for biting, tugging and stretching during games of tug-o-war. Like all Tender Tuff toys, it’s made with Smart Pet Love’s proprietary TearBlok® technology, so it’s designed to be strong. That means this fabric stands up to plenty of play, and you can keep the interactive fun going!

Key Benefits

  • Squishable plush is easy for your dog to pick up, carry and catch, while stretchy legs are designed for tugging.
  • Puncture-proof squeaker will keep him entertained for hours, even if things get ruff.
  • Made with Smart Pet Love’s proprietary TearBlok® technology, so it can stand up to long games of fetch.
  • Bright colors help to get—and keep—your BFF's attention for exciting play.
  • Interactive games allow you to bond with your dog and strengthen your unbreakable friendship.

When your pet is playing with this pet toy observe, supervise & inspect it periodically for damage. If toy is broken or damaged do not allow pet to continue playing with the toy. If damage or separation is detected, please remove or replace. This toy is for pets only, not for children.

Smart Pet Love Octopus


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