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Life's Abundance

These are my favorite Must Have's from Life's Abundance

LA is only offered online and is a direct ship company.  There is no middle man... which means that the food is always fresh... when they ship out the food it is no older than 6 weeks old.

I recommend getting set up on an auto ship for your food order it will save money & it will be there when you need it.

You can click on each photo below and it will link you to the order page for LA


At this time the puppies are eating All Life's Stage Grain Free or All Life's Stage normal Kibble soaked in hot water for about 10 minutes with a big spoonful of the wet food on top.

Feeding times are 6 am, 12 PM & 5 PM

PLEASE do not order puppy food.  All Life's Stage GRAIN FREE  or Normal Kibble  is what your baby is currently eating.  We will let you know if it is grain free or regular.  It is based off whatever the litter will tolerate.  We start out all of our puppies on the regular kibble.  Sometime they do need to be changed to the grain free.

Not all dogs can eat the same kibble.  We have about 60-70 puppies-dogs in our program and we use two different kibbles for all of our dogs.  Our first choice is Life's Abundance All Life's Stage & 

Life's Abundance All Life's Stage Grain Free

Second Choice is 

Farmina Boar, Lamb or White Fish

At this time Life's Abundance only has a poultry.

Not all dogs can have poultry so Farmina is a great option!

There is a lot of talk right now about grain free causing cardiac issues.    Life's Abundance adds natural forms of taurine there has not been a reported issue with LA GF   We have most of our Golden's on it.  If your puppy can tolerate the grain I would prefer them on the kibble with grain.  But if they can't the grain free is a safe option. 

We use the Pork & Venison wet food for all of our dogs.  It helps with puppy development.  Our adult dogs love it so we give them a spoonful daily too.  I would recommend getting a case of this to start with

We use the Pork & Venison wet food for all of our dogs.  It helps with puppy development.  Our adult dogs love it so we give them a spoonful daily too.  I would recommend getting a case of this to start with


I LOVE this product.  Ever try getting a puppy to eat a big old fish pill?  HA HA!

This is perfect for puppies.  I recommend starting your puppy on fish oil one week after you've had them home.


Training treats are great for training tricks like the "here" command, down command, potty treats.... These little guys break apart easily and each treat can be broken and used as 3-4 treats. 


Porky Puff's are GREAT for puppies.  They keep them occupied and if they pick one up and are running around with it in the mouth... they look like they have a pig snout! I've gotten some great photos from families with the Porky Puff's and their pups!

Bully Sticks from Life's Abundance!  Absolute Must Have... a small investment in these will helps save your furniture!  

Chew Thing!


Grooming Supplies


From ear cleaner to shampoo LA has a complete line of products to keep you baby clean and fresh and smelling wonderful!  This shampoo is the best... we buy it by the gallon.  I recommend using a spare bottle and adding a little to it each time you want to bathe your pup.  Just had some hot water and shake.  It's super sudsy & doesn't take much!

Cleaning Supplies


These are some of the best cleaning supplies I've found.  Love them!  They leave your home clean of puppy ick!

Health, Conformation & Temperament

Bred with intent

Raised with love and affection

Breeding well socialized, loved puppies!

Washington & Oregon

Nanny services offered for worldwide transporting

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