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Looking For Guardians


Golden Retrievers:

We are planning on retaining a female from one of our upcoming winter litters and are looking for a local guardian family to share a pup with.


What Is A Guardian Home?

Australian Labradoodle puppies available Seattle, Issaquah Portland Oregon Washington Bend
Australian Labradoodle puppies available Seattle, Issaquah Portland Oregon Washington Bend

I have enjoyed the opportunity of acquiring puppies from different breeders around the world.  Working with other breeders allows us to diversify our lines.  I want all of my babies to live in their forever homes and be well mannered, happy dogs with a great family life.  So, we have opted to share our fur-babies with friends and family around the area.  


We want our puppies/dogs to have stability and consistency in their lives.  A guardian program works out great for the dogs, us and their guardian families.  Our dogs live with their forever family and come to visit us as needed.  Our puppies/dogs come back for training, socializing, breeding and when it's time to have a litter of babies. The puppies are whelped in our home, raised by us, guardian families are welcome to visit and snuggle puppies and visit your girl and are encouraged to do so often.  In this fashion the dogs get all of their needs met and have two loving families that they know and grow to love.

Guardian Puppies Available Now! Golden Retrievers & Australian Labradoodles



Training Video

Australian Labradoodles:

We currently have a 7 month old female Australian Labradoodle puppy that is available as a guardian puppy.   She should mature to be about 15-18#'s.  She is sleeping through the night in a kennel, potty trained and is ready to take her AKC CGC exam.  She is used to a busy house filled with kids and dogs/puppies.  She is up to date on shots & deworming and available now for adoption to a local family

If you would like additional information please feel free to reach out. 



We are always looking for individuals that would love to be a part of our guardian family.  This is a great opportunity to love and raise the first pick puppy from one of our litters.  Your responsibility includes but is not limited to; loving on the puppy and helping him/her to grow into a well rounded, well socialized, extremely well mannered, trained adult dog, food & vitamins.


Our guardian families cover everyday vet care, food and training as well as offer an abundance of love and attention on a daily basis.  We cover any and all expenses related to breeding and genetic testing.  


Our girls usually have 3-4 litters in their lifetime.  After our girls are finished with their breeding career they are spayed and they are your dog for life.  They are raised in your home, cared for as your dog and incorporated into our breeding program, hearts and lives.  Our breeding girls can live up to 2-3 hours away.... so anywhere from the Oregon Coast, Eugene, Portland, Vancouver to Seattle)  Transporting the girls back and forth as needed is the responsibility of the guardian family.  We will help when we can but ultimately it is the on the guardian family.


Our males usually stay a part of our breeding program for

about 6 six years. (Our boys must live within 30 minutes of our home.) Anywhere in Vancouver, Battle Ground, Brush Prairie, Camas, Washougal, Woodland, Ridgefield, Portland, Oregon, Beaverton, Gresham, Lake Oswego... anywhere within a 30 minute drive)


The adoption fee for one of our guardian puppies is half the price of our normal adoption fees but you are receiving the best puppy structurally and mentally from the litter.  On or before your pups 1st birthday if you have your dog proficient in the commands that we use: sit, here, down and break plus your dog passes the AKC Good Canine Citizens test we will reimburse you $500 at the time of your guardian girls first litter of puppies.  We are doing this as an incentive for training. We want great ambassadors of the breed circling our community.


  If you live within 3 hours of Brush Prairie (Vancouver, WA) please feel free to contact us if you are interested:

Dana Logan


We work with lots of homeschooling families... for more information see below.

Australian Labradoodle puppies available Seattle, Issaquah Portland Oregon Washington Bend

Educational Aspect Of A Guardian Family.....


Many of our families are part of a homeschooling community.  If you would like your child to learn more about the reproductive cycle being part of a guardian program could be a great way to teach your children.


In this program your kids can learn as much or as little as you are comfortable with. 


We have an opportunity to teach information regarding the:


  • Heat cycle  from the start of the cycle - ovulation - whelping a litter

  • The breeding process from natural tie to surgical AI

  • Pregnancy confirmation: We have our own ultrasound machine and can confirm pregnancy in our living room.  When you bring your girl for her ultrasound everyone is welcome to watch.

  • Puppy count:  Around day 58 of the pregnancy we take our girls to the vet for an x-ray.  This is another moment that the kids are welcome to participate in.  We also teach the kids how to read an x-ray and teach them how to find the babies skulls and hep with puppy count.

  • C-Sections -  Several of our guardian families have allowed their kids to attend a c-section with us.  Our vet is very open to this and has a step stool in the operating room so that the kids can stand across the table from him and watch the babies as they are removed from mama.

  • Puppy socialization - Then the fun part... after the mamas have had a few days to adjust we welcome our guardian families to come be a part of their girls lives and to come socialize with the puppies.  We teach the families how to do bio-sensory with the puppies.  This process is great for the families but also a moment for our girls to share their babies with their families.  They are very proud of their babies and LOVE sharing them with familiar faces. 

Australian Labradoodle puppies available Seattle, Issaquah Portland Oregon Washington Bend
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