Family Ran....

Introducing the Miller Kids!  ❤️  

Jacob, Rebecca and Emma.

These guys are our grand babies-

puppy socializers extraordinaire!!




These kids are the ones pulling the orders.  They love being a part of the puppy process.  These guys are here from the birth to go home day.  Much of the time they are here for the whelping process as well.  Below is a photo of Emma helping to whelp her first litter with Ruby.  And photos of Becca at a middle of the night Golden Retriever c-section.    

These kids love hanging out with the puppies - They do bio-sensory with the puppies and give lots of snuggle time ❤️








This is our crew... ❤️

When you place an order from our online store, one of these friendly faces will be pulling your order together for you.  Rubbing your stuffed toys and dog beds on the correct mama dog so that it has her scent on it for your puppy.

The Miller kids are working to help save money at this time for their first car and college tuition 😍  and Emma wants to be an astrophysicist! So, when you place an order it helps employee these youngsters and helps instill work habits.


And they LOVE  doing it!  Every time they show up at the house they ask if there are any orders to work on.  😍 

Here is a link to our online store.  We have everything from kennels to dog beds, grooming supplies and toys!

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