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Australian Labradoodle Studs
This is what we will need

  • A copy of all health testing. A minimum of hip and eyes must be certified. Genetic testing is required in order to use a boy that carries for something.

  • Doing AI or natural cover?  If Natural cover is desired a negative brucellosis test within 7 days prior to breeding.

  • Dam owners are responsible for all charges related to collection & shipping of semen.

  • Copy of your girls pedigree so we can run a COI.

  • Dam owner agrees to have all puppies spayed or neutered prior to leaving to their pet families unless retained as breeding stock or a strict desexing contract.

  • If you would like to review a copy of our stud service contract please let us know which boy you are most interested.  You can email us

We can ship semen semen fresh/frozen worldwide


Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with.


Australian Labradoodle Stud Services

For a current list of our Australian Labradoodle puppies for sale click here

For a current list of our Australian Labradoodle Stud dogs for breeding click here

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