Who Is Moonlit Acres Labradoodles?

At Moonlit Acres we have a small family owned and operated breeding program, dedicated to responsible breeding. We've been breeding English Style Golden Retrievers for years.  I was recently introduced to the Australian Labradoodle.  Instantly I fell in love and knew I had to have one.  Well, one puppy turned into two puppies and two turned into a small breeding program.


My oldest daughter has extreme allergies to pet dander. So, when she comes to visit it plays havoc on her lungs. While I will always have my Golden's it will be nice to have a few smaller dogs around that don't present an allergen problem for her.  The allergy aspect of the Australian Labradoodle and the lessening of the furballs floating around the house are inticing aspects.


We are looking forward to meeting the puppies that will be coming into our lives to help establish our Australian Labradoodle breeding program over the next year.


We are located in Brush Prairie, WA about 20 minutes north of the Portland, Oregon International Airport.  We are situated on 5.5, private acres which offers our dogs plenty of room to run and have fun.  We are close to many neat hiking trails, the Columbia River and an hour from the Oregon Coast.  All of our dogs; Golden's and Australian Labradoodles live in homes. We choose not to kennel our dogs.  

I currently have one Golden Retriever, Sampson, that live with me and two Doodle girls, Gracie and Truffles that live with me.  We do have an established guardian program.  I love our guardian program!  We have some great families that are part of our canine world that make doing this so much fun. Obediance is a big part of our program.  All of our dogs are trained by the same trainer & handlers.  Many of our dogs have children in their lives that take their dogs to competition obedience training, train for the CGC

All of our puppies are very well socialized!  I have three grandchildren that live just down the hill from me.  Thankfully, I get to see them nearly every day.  They are usually here at the time of the whelping - since their mom assists with the birthing process.  The puppies get to see the kids nearly every day until they go home. Having our puppies raised around small children I believe is a huge attribute in the socialization process.

& 4H, conformation class and showing.  A couple of our junior dogs are currently going through therapy and service dog training.  It is my goal to have each of our dogs that is in our breeding program be with a family that will love on them and provide for them the best possible home life ever!  All of our guardian homes are required to take their

pups through obedience training.  I believe proper training results in a happy dog and

happy cohesive home/dog life.

Introducing my puppy socialization kid crew....

My daughter brought home a kitten summer of 2015.  At the time we had two litters of puppies back to back (19 puppies in total).  We could not keep the kitten out of the whelping room.  She LOVED to snuggle with the puppies!  To the left is a photo of Muffin and HER puppies... ALL 19 of them!  Since, this time Muffin continues to insist on helping to socialize the puppies.  Sometimes I swear I beleive she thinks she is a dog.  She is very maternal with them and teaches them when they are too rough.  But most of the time she is instigating trouble with them.

Ms. Muffin

The Kit-Pup

We breed for conformation, temperament-disposition, health and longevity.  I'am proud to say that we have happy, well adjusted, well socialized puppies that have fantastic pedigrees with conformation, health and longevity within the bloodlines.  Temperament and disposition along with health and longevity in the bloodlines is extremely important to us.  We work hand in hand with several agencies that work to place service dogs in homes with children with disabilities.  We recently started working with Battle Buddies which places dogs with veterans in need of a service dog.  We are looking forward to incorporting our Doodles into the therapy work as well.  

The families and individuals that adopt our puppies become life long friends.  They are the best source of a referral we have.  The majority of the dogs that leave our home are going to someone that was referred to us or to a home that already has one of our dogs and is looking to add an additional family member.  


Please feel free to call or email with any questions.  We'd love to included you as a part of our Moonlit Acre family!


From everyone at Moonlit Acres, we wish you the best in your canine search!

Our Moonlit Acres family spreads across the US and actually into other countries as well now.  We have LOTS of babies in the Seattle, Issaquah, Bellevue, Sammamish, Bellingham,  Vancouver, Washington areas and ALL over Oregon from Bend, Portland, Sun River, Salem... and down into California, Texas, Idaho, Alaska, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, New York, Chicago, Wyoming and Hawaii!  We have SEVERAL dogs that get to go to work at Amazon everyday up in the Seattle area!  Our dogs are a loved part of each and every family!  

Health, Conformation & Temperament

Bred with intent

Raised with love and affection

Breeding well socialized, loved puppies!

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