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Would you like to skip the kennel training & potty training process?


For a nominal monthly fee, Moonlit Acres will ensure that your puppy is kennel trained, socialized with other puppies, dogs, kids, adults and has the ability to go to town and meet strangers on a regular basis.  We work diligently on potty training and work daily on basic obedience commands.

Your puppy will be off to the best possible start.  There is an art to raising a confident, social, mentally, well adjusted puppy. And we are pretty experienced with the process! 

We host obedience classes for all of our puppy families and our entire staff has taken training classes on how to raise confident, puppies with good manners. 

Space is limited.  Call today for additional information


Check out these videos of Jake getting ready to go home to his new family.  Jake is 4.5 months old

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