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Moonlit Acres Retrievers is located in Vancouver, WA.  Just outside of Portland, Oregon. Only 20 minutes North of the Portland Airport.  Golden Retrievers are known for their  sweet dispositions.  They are the perfect dog for the Pacific Northwest (or any part of the country).  Most of our dogs ❤️ the water and hiking and make wonderful companions.  Goldens also have a high aptitude for therapy companion and or services dog work.  
Golden Retrievers come in a wide range of color.  You will find everything from light cream to dark red. Everyone is going to be attracked to a certain type of Golden.  While I believe all Golden's are beautiful there are some distinct difference between the more traditional American Golden Retrievers and the European bred Golden Retrievers.  As you will see from my dogs my "type" is the English Golden Retrievers.  I love the light colored coats and the blocky heads.  The AKC has slightly different standards from that of the UKC. Typically the darker Goldens are called "American Golden Retrievers".  The light colors are often called English Golden Retrievers, English Type Golden Retrievers, English Cream Golden Retrievers, European Golden Retrievers and some heaven forbid call them White Golden Retrievers.  All of our bloodlines are from overseas.  Most of our dogs are first generation US.  We've made several trips to Europe to bring new puppies home.

All of our dogs have certified health clearances same as most of their ancestral lineage.  We test and certify for: hips, elbows, cardiac, eyes - annually, PRA-1, PRA-2 and ichthyosis.  All of our breeding dogs have champion bloodlines.  Many of our dogs are shown & titled in the UKC and or through the IBACA.  All of our litters are evaluated for structure through Pat Hastings an AKC judge that visits our home when the puppies are 8 weeks of age.  Having Pat get hands on with each of our puppies and having her expertise has been an invaluable asset to our program.  When we only keep high quality breeding prospects and are only breeding the best structure to the best structure our mamas are producing the best possible puppy.    The English Golden Retrievers have thick muzzles, blocky heads and tend to be muscular and very athletic in build.  They are sweet tempered and have a gentle disposition and are typically very smart, quick to learn and eager to please.


At Moonlit Acres we are dedicated to providing the highest quality English Type Golden Retriever puppies that are well socialized with gentle dispositions, proper structure/conformation and complete parental health testing.  We've dedicated a lot of time studying the different pedigrees and bloodlines that are available.  We've chosen the bloodlines that we have because we feel they will compliment our existing lines.  We've made some strong connections with breeders all over the world in efforts of enriching our breeding program through cooperative efforts.  We have acquired puppies from some of the top breeders world wide.  From the Jako Kennel in Norway, Ashbury Kennel in France, Thevenet in Spain, Serendipity in Spain, Vestafjell's in Norway, Of Bridge Four in Beligum and we are looking forward to see who is next!  A breeding program with these practices helps to ensure that we are diversifying and improving the quality of the Golden Retrievers available in the United States.

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