Intermediate Class 
August 2018

Golden Retrievers:  Lucy, Amelia, Bodi

Australian Doodles: Scarlett O'Hara, Lola, Lolli Pop, Chloe

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July 14th 9am-10:30am

August 4th 9am -10:30am

August 11th 11am-12:30pm

August 25th 9am -10:30am

September 15th 9am -10:30am

September 29th 9am -10:30am

Training Articles


The main Focus For class #2:


Down Command: 

You should now be practicing the down command for up to 1 hour a day and working towards getting a little further away from the dog.  Do not leave the room though! :-)

Figure 8:

See video below

About Turn: 

This seems to be the one thing that everyone in the beginning struggles with.  Just make sure you aren't walking around your dog.  Stand still turn around and start walking.  See video below....

                                                                   Figure 8:








        About Turn:

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Man's Best Friend June 2018

Golden Retrievers:  Lucy, Amelia, Maddie

Australian Doodles: Scarlett O'Hara, Ava, Lola, Lolli Pop, Tesla, Chloe

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