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Growth Plates and Proper Exercise As A Puppy....


Here's a visual on growth plate closures - It really helps knowing where each growth plate is located. It makes it easy to see why we shouldn't over-exercise our puppies. While these growth plates are still open, excessive (forced), exercise as a puppy could cause permanent damage.


What Is The Right Age For Spaying & Neutering Of Your Golden Retriever Puppy?


There are many challenging issues that come with raising a puppy.  Especially, a boy puppy.  Everything from humping to marking his territory.  However, with proper guidance you and your puppy can make it through this stage and survive without early neutering!  Most vets are advocates of early spay and neuter and many will try to get you to book your appointment when you are at your 8 week well baby check up.  


Be informed!  Historically, Golden Retrievers most dominate genetic issues are cancer and hip dysplasia.  Ever lost a Golden to cancer?  Be sure to read and understand the study below that was published in 2013 by UC Davis.  US Davis conducted a study on strictly Golden Retrievers and the effects early spay and neutering has on them.  You may be surprised to find that if you spay or neuter your dog before the age of 2 you may be placing your dog at an increased risk  for cancer and or hip dysplasia.

Since the UC Davis study was published they are now finding that female dogs are at higher risk of ovarian cancer if they are allowed to go through heat cycles.  😳  I think we need to take a pragmatic look at spaying and neutering.  If you are getting a girl puppy and you intend on keeping her none spayed until the recommend 24 months you must be prepared for the responsibilities that go along with having a girl in season for 3 weeks every 6-9 months.  In all honesty it's not that difficult if you are set up for it.  But you must be prepared to take her outside on a leash to go potty.  You must know that every boy within a 5 miles radius of her knows she's in heat and at your house.  😁  If you live in the country the coyotes will have a tendency to lurk more at that time.  An invisible fence will NOT keep the boys out and will NOT keep a girl on your property.  When a girl is in season, the instinctual process takes over. The NEED to procreate is instinctual and becomes a priority.


Keeping a male intact past 6 months?  You are going to need to make sure that you are dialed in with your obedience training.  An 18 month old none neutered male, not trained is going to be a train wreck.  We HIGHLY recommend obedience training starting your first day home.  We can help with certain commands like the "here" command but getting a really good foundation on your future 75# dog is highly important.   

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