We are excited to announce the arrival of Gracie & Vinnie's litter!

What a great combination!  We got some color!!  Wahooo

 Born August 3rd

Fully Reserved 

Hunterberry Hill's Creme Brûlée

ALAA - 050132

Cream Puff's El Filo de Vino

ALAA - 062136

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Check out photos of Gracie, Vinnie & their babies

Our afternoon starts out with Gracie wanting to go for a drive.  With both of her past litters she has had the first few puppies in the truck.  So, we knew this was the beginning.

And Mocha insisted on coming along....

Watched intently

Mocha was absolutely sure he was going to be more help right in the whelping box instead of in his x-pen....  So, into the baby front pack he went and he sat calmly and watched the entire process.  


So glad Gracie was is so patient!

And before long Vinnie & Gracie's first baby made an appearance.

Video of 1st baby being born

Graphic :-)

Photos Of Gracie & Her Past Puppies

Photos Of Vinnie & His Past Puppies

We reserve the right to retain puppies from each litter as

needed for breeding prospects

Health, Conformation & Temperament

Bred with intent

Raised with love and affection

Breeding well socialized, loved puppies!

Washington & Oregon

Nanny services offered for worldwide transporting