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NuVet Supplements

ALL of our dogs are on
NuVet Plus nutritional supplements & NuJoint Plus 

Click on the NuVet flyer below
Be sure to give our ID #78537 
You will receive special breeder pricing when you sign up for an autoship
We start all of our puppies on Nu-Vet and Nu-Joint at 4 weeks of age.  We start by using the powder format of the vitamin wafer.  It's FANTASTIC for puppies.  You could order the first order of powder and then after that switch to the wafers or just soak the wafers in the kibble with the hot water to soften them up.  I have been using this product since 2007.  I would not raise a puppy/adult dog without these two items.   Once we started using the Joint supplement we noticed that our Goldens were having better bone development and less easty-westy issues.  I would NEVRE raise a Golden without the joint supplement.  So we feed both to all of our puppies, mamas and all babies from 4 weeks until they go to their new home. And in our home all of our personal dogs get both supplements until they pass.
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