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Go Home Day
Puppy Grooming That You
Should Be Doing Weekly.

If you are out of the area and are having your puppy brought to you this is a video of what puppy go home grooming orientation looks like. 

The more grooming you do with your puppy the better your puppy is going to do when going to a groomer for the first time.  If your puppy is good for a groomer they will treat your puppy better. 

Not All Groomers Are Created Equal!

The best way to find a GOOD groomer is find someone in your local area that has an Australian Labradoodle with a GREAT hair cut and ask who their groomer is.  

Once you know the birthdate of your puppy I would highly recommend booking an appointment for your puppy for 4.5 months of age for a first introduction to going to a groomer.  If you do not already have a groomer, finding a new groomer that will take a new client, is like finding a needle in a haystack.

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