We have recently started to work with all of our puppies at 8 weeks of age to help them learn the "here" command. Here is a video of Annika (Slick x Sheba) baby.  She is 9 weeks old in this video.

Formal Training Program

All of our guardian families participate in a group obedience class that we host through Man's Best Friend, in Battle Ground, WA.  We have started opening this class up to families that are doing normal adoptions when we have extra space available.  Usually we have 2-3 dogs in the class that are from pet families.  There are 9 classes in total.  By the end of the 9th class the puppies will walk nicely on a leash without pulling, have a "here" command that is pretty reliable, have a "down" command for up to an hour at a time even when you've left the room.  All dogs that have gone through this training program that have tested out for the CGC have earned their Canine Good Citizen Certification at the end.

If you are interested in potentially joining us in for these classes please let me know.  The classes usually start when the puppies are 4 months old (not earlier), their brains are not ready for this type of training prior to 4 months of age.  The classes are always on a Saturday.  90% of the people taking the classes are coming from the Seattle area.  There is a combination of Golden Retrievers and Doodles in the classes but they are all Moonlit Acres dogs.  The training series runs $450 and needs to be booked soon as classes fill up fast!

Here is a photo of the dogs during the 6th class.  In a down command with their families sitting in their cars out of sight

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