Getting  A Puppy?

Not Sure What You Will Need.... 

This List Will Help You Get Started!

Look what's new at Moonlit Acres!

We recently started carrying quite a few products that will be available for purchase the day of puppy pick up.  We have a little bit of everything.  From food bowls, toys, slow feeders, grooming supplies, dog, toys and MORE toys.  We are not setup yet for credit cards.  We will in the near future but not yet.  For now we accept Zelle, PayPal, Credit Cards, cash and we will take a check for product only... not puppies :-)  (We take credit card through an online ap so you will need a phone with you in order to use credit cards for products)

Nutrition & Supplements

Dog Food - This is what we feed all our dogs.  With our puppies we either feed Life's Abundance All Life's Stage or All Life's Stage Grain Free.  Please ask which kibble your puppy is on before ordering.




                                                                                               Canned Pork

                                                                                        & Venison Puppy Food

Vitamin and Joint Supplements - all of our dogs & puppies are on these




Shampoo & Cleansers

Shampoo, ear cleaner, breath freshener, floor cleaner



Dog Tags


Dog Kennels:  We now carry Skudo Dog Kennels.  We have options of 27", 32" & 36", with or without wheels. We only carry a couple of hand at a time but we usually place an oder right before each litter goes home.  So, please let us know if you would like a kennel.  If you order a kennel from us we can have your puppy sleep in their new kennel before they go home.






Are You Flying In To Pick Up your Puppy?  Traveling by plane?  You will need one of these. We  have airline approved carry on puppy bags.  These bags are very nice bags.  All of them are insulated with sound insulation, airline rated, have messing installed for peek a boo areas for the puppies to see out.  Some have straps, some have shoulder straps, backpack straps... etc.  All of them have a strap that will connect to your carry on roller bag.  For years I've been trying to guide people to the right bag to buy before they fly to town.  It seems they always get too big of bag and are not allowed on the flight or get too small of bag and the puppy doesn't fit.  This takes all the hassle out of the process.  We have the bags.  We can rub the built in blanket on your puppies mom before you pick up your puppy.  And the bag is here you don't have to bring it with you. All of our travel bags are $64.00.  We have an assortment of colors and designer fabrics.








Grooming Tools:

I have spent a hundreds of dollars on brushes and combs. These two items are the only two brushes and combs you should need. Together it makes keeping your dog groomed without tangles so simple!!  Brush your dog with th brush first then use the comb to make sure you got everything and tada, DONE.. Super easy!!  We have brushes available here at the time of puppy pick up.
















LOVE this grooming kit!

Hemostats are included.

Everything you need scissor

wise is included in this kit!!  

You NEED a metal comb

like this one!!








Ear hair remover is the newest item that I've included to our Let's Go Shopping page. This is my latest discovery and it is nothing less than amazing!  Every person who has an Australian Doodle NEEDS this product.  Apply a little of this to the ear hair and let sit for a few minutes then use your hemostats or fingers and simply pull out any excess hair.  No pain, EASY to remove.  Ears are manageable in just minutes.  No need to let the groomer torture your baby any longer you can do this while watching tv and snuggling at night.  Takes just a couple of minutes.  We have this available at the time of puppy pick up.





Matt-X  is the bomb when it comes to detangling products!  This product will help you to look like you know what you are doing when you take you pup/dog to the groomers.  This stuff will help save your dogs coat when you've gone a little too long without brushing.  AMAZING product! 













Puppy Collars

All of our puppies go home with a Moonlit Acres puppy collar which are washable, cute and are styling!

However, when they outgrow them... I have found that the leather, rolled collars work the best for not causing matting in my adult dogs.  Here is a link to a collar that we use. 



Potty Stations:  Our puppies are USUALLY potty trained for potty stations.  Here's what the stations look like and how you can make your own if you would like. We use the Costco pee pads.  If you set a system up like this be sure to fold the pee pads under on each side!  The puppies will pull the pee pads out and shred them if they can get to them.

Here is the tray & grill.  If you click on the photo of the tray it will take you to a link where you can order a tray.  We use pee pads from Costco.


Keeping your puppy contained and safe!  They are on the move and into everything they shouldn't be if you're not looking.  I have several of these playpens for our puppies.  They work great for keeping you puppy safe and for potty training!  If you have to be gone for an extended time period... you can set one of these playpens up in a rectangular form, add a potty station, toys, water and food and they will be right where you left them when you return home and there should be very little mess.

Life's Abundance Doog Food
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