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Reservations for our Spring - Summer 2021 litters

Upcoming               Litters.... 


Lola & Friar Tuck Have just    ❤️

      Confirmed Pregnant!

Expecting Mediums - 


Cream to red & black and everything in between!  (No Chocolates)

Tuxedos & Mismarks!


Truffles & Hale's Hat Trick

 Have just    ... ❤️


Expecting Minis


This should be a rainbow litter.  All collars are possible!

Parti's & Tuxedos & Possible Phantoms!


Gabby & Hudson

 Have just    ❤️


Expecting Minis - 


Cream to red 

Tuxedos & Mismarks!


River & Friar Tuck Have are about to    ❤️


Expecting Mediums - 


Cream to red & black and everything in between, chocolates too

Possible:  Parti's, Tuxedos & Mismarks!


Fall litters to be bred:

Tesla  x Hudson

Ava x Hudson

Sophia Loren x Huck, Hudson or ?

Charlie x Huck

How Our Reservations List Works...


We are now taking reservations for our early 2021 litters.  Don't be discouraged that all of our upcoming litters are reserved at this time.  We have several planned litters that we will be breeding soon that are not yet spoken for.  Most quality breeders always have some form of wait list.


We have found that keeping a master reservations list in the order in which deposits are received has worked better for us rather than having a reservations list based off of a specific litter.  Sometimes a girl doesn’t get pregnant, sometimes they miscarry, sometimes they have a one sided gender litter.  We recently had a litter of 10 puppies, 9 girls and 1 boy.  We, had some disappointed male families that had been waiting for a puppy. 


Each time a litter is born, we take photos of the puppies and setup a webpage for the litter.  We send out an email to the families on our reservations list stating at the top of the list and we work our way down the list, until the litter is fully allocated.  In the letter that we send out to the families we offer a link to preview the current litter that we are emailing about and we also send a spreadsheet showing all of our upcoming litters that have already been bred.  In that information it will also include information regarding due dates, go home dates, approximate size and colors if applicable.  


If we have a litter of 10 we usually have to contact 20-25 families in order to have the litter fully allocated.  


If you haven’t done so already it would be really helpful if you would take 2-3 minutes and complete the puppy application form.  Here is a link for you:  






As soon as you complete the application form you will be redirected back to our website to an information page that will have quite a bit of information for you.   If after you’ve had a chance to review it please feel free to reach out and call me.  We’d love to talk with you.

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We reserve the right to retain puppies from each litter as

needed for breeding prospects

Health, Conformation & Temperament

Bred with intent

Raised with love and affection

Breeding well socialized, loved puppies!

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Nanny services offered for worldwide transporting

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