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Current Litters

Maid Marian x Captain Morgan's Litter

Girls:  Top Row - Jewel Cocktail Maidan's Blush, Pirate's Kiss, Bahama Mama

Boys:  Bottom Row - Anchor's Away & Cap'n Barbosa

Maid Marian Breeder Shot.jpg

Canela's Litter
5 boys and 1 girl
Stormy is the girl - she is not available


Miley Cyrus's Litter

3 Girls:  Hanna Montana, Flower, Angel
3 Boys:  Muddy Feet, Billy Ray, Midnight

Miley Cyrus Breeder Page.jpg

Blizzard's Litter
Genetic Testing
Due Back 7/15/23

Girls:  Turtle, Oreo, DQ, Brownie, Royal NY

Boys: Buster & Brookie

Blizzard week 1.jpg
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